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The problem with xG

Data science has changed the face of football in recent years - and sucked the fun out of the game for many punters.

But so saturated is the market with computer-driven models now, almost nobody makes money from xG anymore.

So where do you find your edge?


Make sense with Manager Profiling

The next big wave of profits in football betting will come to those best equipped to read the game and interpret the data in new and interesting ways.

Foxpunter uses several mental models to profile football teams but undoubtedly the most exciting is the Myers-Briggs typology system.


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Transform your football betting

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Meet the founder

Mike Holden is a qualified journalist and certified personality profiler with over 20 years of profitable football betting experience.

After 15 years working as a freelance writer for the Racing Post, Sportinglife, FourFourTwo and Oddschecker, he decided to walk away from traditional media and cut his own path...

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"One of the most insightful analysts I've seen. I think I have a good perspective on football but he makes me consider topics from angles I'd not even considered."

Iain Liddle

"Excellent service with detailed insight into matches. You get so many unique perspectives compared to freely available resources."

James M.

"I've been an avid follower for a couple of years now and the service just gets better and better. The quality of the tips and analysis is second to none."

Michael Bannister

Follow the five-step profiling plan

Just follow these five steps to breathe new life into your football betting operation...

Transform your football betting

Join the Foxpunter Masterclass for the remainder of the 2020/21 season. One-time only payment.